The sauce was made of pickled fish, shellfish, and spices. These were ingredients. The ketjab is made by cooking black soy beans, fermenting them. Placing them in a salt brine.

Sailors from the British navy came across this exotic sauce on voyages .chefs ended up substituting ingredients such as walnuts. This new one appeared in a recipe books and featured as an exotic addition.

Early botanists have recognized that Tomato was a member of the Solanacaea family.

Jefferson , who cultivated the tomato in his gardens and served dishes containing tomatoes at lavish feasts, often receives credit for changing the reputation of the tomato. Soon after Jefferson had introduced the tomato to American society, recipes combining the newly fashionable tomato with the sauce known as ketchup . In the 19th century ,both tomato and tomato ketchup where staples of the American kitchen.

ابلهThere are some new relishes. There was a big slogan there.