Last night we and our neighbor were invited to the friendly party by my husband’s friend. We went there together. Our neighbor bought a little cake to the host.

It was a little apartment and was a nice place. The host welcomed our friends and us. .I had a good manner that, I could maintain an air of that when someone snubbed me.  The weather was a little cold that one of the gusts put on a pullover . What I could not endure was the climate. We helped the host, for example my friend gathered the cups and my husband cut the bread. My wrath reduced when I could help .

We were talking together friendly but when my friends secret exposed, the legend of her kindness died. My friend pondered  her next move ,she should resign or take even more drastic action.

The party ended and we decided to come back. Our friends tried to go on by jugging and our steps led  past the wharf  in our mind.

That was a sweat party for us that we decided to amend our ways. We always ballot on studying. Now me and my husband are studding our lessons. خوشمزه